Monday, October 7, 2013

Modern day living is for me.

I never wish that I was born in a different time.  I have no desire to go back to the Good Old Days and live without electricity or hot water or automatic drip coffee makers or gum containers that fit into the cup holder of my car.   The only time I would even consider living without a modern bathroom would be if I was Glamping (glamorous camping) and I would only want to Glamp for one night unless there was a flushing toilet. 


That isn't to say I wouldn't mind visiting a period in history (like maybe Downton Abbey days...and it would have to be at THE Downton Abbey), but ONLY if I heard the distinct sound of the TARDIS appearing in my backyard and saw the tenth Doctor popping his head out of the door and beckoning me to be his companion. 

 A Time Lord with a sonic screwdriver 
would be hard to resist. 

Yes, the Technology Age is for me.  I seriously love my laptop and affectionately call him Mac-Mac Baby.  He had to go in for a physical this month and that is the main reason I haven't blogged for a while.  I am happy to say that he is healthy and recharged!

The internet fascinates me.  Google is awesome...there is no way I could find 'twerking' in a set of Funk and Wagnalls.  With the internet, in less than 30 seconds, I am educated on pop culture and can carry on an intelligent conversation about Miley Cyrus.  BWAHAHAHA, yes, I see the humor in that sentence.

Facebook keeps me in touch with friends who live faraway and gives me the satisfaction of blocking people who are always grumpy. saves me hours of time trying to figure out "Who is this guy playing the grandpa on Castle and why do I know his face?" (answer: Chad Everett from Medical Center. Thank you, IMDB!)

With the iPhone, I don't have to carry around Grandma's Brag Book, I can show you every photo I own of the granddaughter from birth to age three in a nano-second.

Instagram lets me meet golden doodle owners all over the planet and photos of Toby are 'hearted' by other golden doodles with names like Enzo and Fraggle-Waggle.

I am learning Portuguese with the Rosetta Stone on Mac-Mac Baby so I can talk to my daughter-in-law's parents when they arrive for the birth of my second granddaughter, Mila, due on Christmas Day.  

I carry all of my 5,414 songs IN MY POCKET on my Classic iPod and still haven't used half of the space (goodbye to the days moving boxes and boxes of record albums). yippee!!

But you guys already do all this and more, don't you?  And I totally gave my age away, didn't I?!  goshdarnit.

Anyway, I said all of the above to say:  Look at this cool surprise present that arrived in the mail for me! 

 An ubër-cool necklace made 
with an image of my Art!

I met the creator of this piece of jewelry accidentally while playing Words With Friends on my iPhone...somehow she challenged me to a game unintentionally, I responded with an excellent, high-scoring word and the question "Who is this?"  One thing lead to another and we are now friends, see a bit of each other's lives through Facebook, ask each other what's on the easel this week and share mutual respect for each other's work.  I live in Georgia and she lives in West Virginia.... you can check out her art here.

Seriously, this could never have happened if I lived at Downton Abbey....  

"The good old days are now. " 
Tom Clancey, RIP 1947-2013


Jono said...

I wouldn't be able to resist the Doctor with a sonic screwdriver either. Helloooo... O wait, that's Captain Jack...

Meghann said...

I love that necklace! I want it. That is one of my favorite paintings. And I agree, I like the time we live in. I love this post. And we'll all keep waiting patiently (or impatiently) for The Doctor to arrive and take us away:)

Kim said...

Jono and Megs, you make me laugh out loud!

Tracey Sunshine Dumont said...

That is my kind of camping! And I love your necklace. *grin*