My name is Neil, and first and foremost I am a proud South Carolinian Southerner! - My parents are Southerners, their parents are Southerners, and their parents were Southerners. Yes, my family tree is just one big Southern tree that gives off plenty of shade. **wink**

But more than that I am a grandma-taught cook, a pop-taught gardener, and mom-taught decorator. To some, those aren't credentials to take you anywhere but any self respecting southerner will tell you, learning from your elders is the best and most flavorful way.

Over the course of my life I have spent the majority of my years learning, curating, and treasure hunting to make my home something special. Through this process I have come to learn something about myself - I love my home! Everyone's dwelling is an opportunity to self express personal style, just like everyone's kitchen is an opportunity to express personal flavor!

2020, whew, what a year...but also what a journey! During my time at home I relished in all the things that I finally had the time to learn and do! That got the noggin thinking that maybe others would enjoy this too. So here we are on the steps of Front Door Studios.

Front Door Studios is a friendly home where we can learn and be creative together. We are excited to welcome and show you the endless possibilities that you can achieve seasonally or year round. So get ready because we are going to get our hands dirty cooking, crafting, and celebrating southern charm! 

TIP: always have at least 4 sticks of butter in your refrigerator, a glue gun on standby, and your game face ready!


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